A Cofee with Marketing Taste’ with Álvaro Martínez at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

In the world of motorsport, communication is essential to connect with fans and expand the audience. Álvaro Martínez de Tejada, General Coordinator of F4 Spanish Championship and Eurocup-3, shares his vision on communication in championships with us, from building a distinctive image to creating valuable content and its importance, being a fundamental piece to engage the audience.

Additionally, we discuss the significance of streaming and the inclusion of championships on RTVE Play for the first time this year, where the reach has exceeded one million viewers. He also tells us about the challenges and obstacles that motorsport faces in the digitalization of communication.

In terms of communication, what do you consider essential for the championship?

The first thing is to have a very strong and distinctive image, so that people, when they see our content, know that it comes from our championships and not from any other. Then, generate content that is inspirational, that brings people closer to motorsport. In the end, we owe ourselves to the fans and to the people who truly love motorsports, and often, motorsport is perceived as something unattainable. We aim to do the opposite.

Our main goal is to communicate the reality of our world, be honest with our followers, and tell them what really happens here, which is what benefits them the most. Motorsport has many components beyond what is seen on television— a lot of sacrifice, hours at the circuit, travel, but also humility and simplicity. Transmitting all of this is crucial, and I believe we are on that path right now.

One of the distinctions of the championships’ social media is its audiovisual content. Do you believe it sets you apart from others and helps you better engage your audience?

Absolutely, in fact, it has always been our commitment from the beginning. In the quest to differentiate ourselves from other championships, we have always sought our own way of doing things, emphasizing audiovisual content. We believe it is the best way to bring the championships closer to the fans who follow us and make them feel involved in this reality. Naturally, motorsport is often perceived as something accessible to very few, and this is our way of bringing it into their lives. Undoubtedly, having audiovisual content is essential, and we will continue to do so, reinforcing it if necessary.

Regarding content strategy, what is your focus, branding, or reach?

I think you should first focus on branding and then strive for reach. It’s not about choosing one over the other but knowing when to apply each of them correctly. What we have done is focus on branding; currently, we have a super-strong, well-defined, and widely recognized brand image. This is what has set us apart from other F4 championships or Eurocup-3 levels. In this way, we have managed to generate very personal and unique content, making people loyal, and from there, seeking growth. But undoubtedly, if I had to choose one, I would first focus on branding.

In the digital realm, the RTVA Play platform has been added. Has the impact been positive compared to previous seasons?”

The broadcast of the third race each weekend of the F4 Spanish Championship has been a significant asset for us. Between live and deferred broadcasts (RTVE Play and Teledeporte), more than 1 million viewers have been able to enjoy the spectacle of our races, immersing themselves in a championship that can also be experienced easily from the circuit and where the future stars of motorsport take their first steps.

Regarding communication, what other challenges do you think the championships face in the new season?

With the F4 Spanish Championship well-established as a global benchmark and Eurocup-3 having received a warm welcome in its first year, the challenge once again is to maintain momentum without stagnating. It involves continuing to offer distinctive material and expanding a loyal community that is growing organically. If we were to name specific challenges, reaching more countries through their television networks is one of the significant goals we face in the coming years. Another task on our list is to become influencers on social media platforms of the new generations such as TikTok, where we were the first F4 championship to take the leap, and exploring other alternatives like WhatsApp or Instagram channels for fans and media.