Content creation and planning.

CC. Diagonal Mar

In order to establish the best content strategy, we first conduct fieldwork and analyze the sector and nearby shopping centers around Diagonal Mar. Building on the benchmark, a strategy was proposed, centered on the positioning and brand identity of the shopping center. This entire initial phase served to create our own style guide for the creation of content for large-format screens and outline a customer journey.



A unique audiovisual identity has been created, and quarterly content types for large-format screens are defined as part of the planning process


Proposing editorial content alongside more artistic elements to establish a visual identity that contributes to a memorable shopping experience.


The frequency is managed and coordinated based on attendance during specific time slots and days of the week.

Data & Tech

Attendance, movement patterns, and peak time slots are measured to create the content calendar.


In the calendar of activations and events, screens become a key element to create ambiance throughout the center and brand the visual impact according to the activation being carried out. The center’s visibility has grown exponentially through photos and hashtags that users share on their social media from one of the corners where the large-format screens are located.

Highlighting the increased dwell time of customers/users at the restaurant operators, where one of the large-format screens is located and fed with the contents we design. We have also successfully consolidated – through a special category of content – their communication strategy based on two major values: environmental sustainability and social responsibility.



Centro Comercial Diagonal Mar (CBRE España)


Since 2022


Project and Strategy lead

Javier Peiro


Jersen Pedrozo

Producción audiovisual

Felipe Lima


Jose Manuel del solar