Content creation and planning

CC. Diagonal Mar

To determine the editorial content proposal, we conduct periodic fieldwork and sector analysis. Based on this bi-monthly benchmarking, the creative team proposes themes and the best execution for each piece according to the mood defined for each quarter. The content marketing for the large-format screens is built based on the shopping center’s style guide, which we redefine annually.



Creation of a unique audiovisual identity aligned with the shopping center’s branding. Calendar based on identified communication themes.


Propose a content plan using various techniques. Use CGI to create wow-factor, distinctive content suitable for large-format screens.


The content calendar is scheduled according to the studied frequency of visitor traffic by time slots and days of the week.

Data & Tech

We measure foot traffic, customer journey, and peak visitor times to craft an efficient content calendar.


The screens play a pivotal role in the mall’s events calendar, setting the ambiance and branding the visual impact according to the event. The mall’s visibility has grown significantly with users posting photos and hashtags from locations with large screens on their social media platforms.

Improved dwell time in the dining area, where one of the large-format screens displaying our content is located. Diagonal Mar is solidifying its position as a shopping center concerned with the restoration of Barcelona’s coastal seabed and environmental sustainability in general.



Centro Comercial Diagonal Mar (CBRE España)


Since 2022


Creative Director

Jersen Pedrozo

Audiovisual Production

Felipe Lima

Multimedia Designer

Jose Manuel del solar

Content Marketing Strategy

Nina Montagut