Omnichannel Strategy

Alain Afflelou

We led the omnichannel strategy and execution for the post-covid relaunch of the flagship store in Barcelona for French brand Alain Afflelou, a leader in the optical market. The strategy included both digital activations as well as hybrid actions on social networks and in the store itself. In line with the client’s brief and objectives, we also carried out complementary local PR work.



Design an action plan based on a phygital strategy (store and digital actions feeding each other).


Respect the global brand identity while giving individuality to the store. To create a brand identity and a brand reference through a digital st


Empower the digital profile on social networks and the web to attract collaboration and co-branding.

Data & Tech

Significant increase in in-store service bookings through activation of digital channels.

A sales traffic increase of over 25% was achieved upon designing the phygital strategy, along with nearly 30% increment in lead generation for scheduling visits from social networks and website.



Flagship Portal de L’Àngel (Barcelona), Alain Afflelou




Creative director

Jersen Pedrozo

Project and Strategy lead

Jordi Bordes

social media manager

Laura Hernández

PR & influencer marketing

Beth Prat