How to Approach a Communication Strategy with a Brand that Only Has One Product?

The Case of Olistic

The nutraceutical industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years, with a plethora of brands launching multiple products to address various health and wellness needs. However, Olistic has shown that success can be achieved with a strategy focused on a single distinctive formula based on the latest scientific innovation, available in two variants: Olistic Men and Olistic Women. This article reveals how to design and execute an effective communication strategy for a brand with two product references.

1. Clarity and Focus in the Message

One of the main benefits of having two product references is the ability to maintain clear and coherent communication. Instead of spreading efforts across multiple messages for different products, Olistic has concentrated its strategy on highlighting the unique properties of its advanced formula. The message was very clear: to holistically care for the overall health of the hair from the inside out. The key here is to understand and effectively communicate what makes your product unique and how it meets the needs of your target audience (one message, with a tone adapted for men and women).

At Olistic, communication focuses on the scientifically-backed benefits of the formula and how it specifically caters to the needs of men and women. This clarity and focus allow every piece of content, from social media posts to press releases, to consistently reinforce the same message.

2. Brand Building and Customer Relationship

Building a solid brand is essential, especially when you have only one product. Olistic has invested efforts in creating a brand identity that resonates with its consumers.

Moreover, the relationship with the customer has become a central pillar. Olistic uses relational marketing strategies to maintain continuous communication with its customers, collecting feedback and adjusting its communication and service based on these interactions. We firmly believe in bidirectional communication from brand to customers and customers to brand to continue building a loyal and committed community in the right direction.

3. Education and Valuable Content

In a booming industry like nutricosmetics, education is fundamental. Olistic has adopted a strong content strategy that not only promotes the product but also focuses on educating the consumer about the science behind nutraceuticals, in & out care for hair health, and overall well-being.

Blog articles, well-segmented newsletters according to customer typology, webinars with health experts, and downloadable guides are some of the tools used to provide additional value to consumers. This strategy not only positions Olistic as a thought leader in the industry but also helps build trust and credibility.

4. Testimonials and Real Cases

Testimonials are crucial components of Olistic’s communication strategy. Testimonials from satisfied customers and positive reviews not only validate the product’s effectiveness but also act as a powerful tool for resolving doubts of other potential customers and a great trust generator around the brand. At Olistic, we have over 12K verified customer reviews and a TrustScore of 4.5/5, resulting in a trustworthy brand.

Olistic has implemented campaigns that encourage users to share their experiences on social media, creating a constant flow of user-generated content that not only amplifies the brand’s reach but also provides tangible evidence of the product’s benefits.


In terms of communication, focusing our efforts on a single formula adapted to men and women based on cutting-edge science has allowed us to establish a solid position as leaders in hair health, reaching the top spot in pharmacies. This approach has enabled us to effectively communicate the benefits of our products, fostering customer trust and loyalty. By focusing on advanced and scientifically-backed solutions, we have managed to stand out in a specific niche, gaining a significant competitive advantage.