Alliance with Barcelona Health Hub to drive innovation in Digital Health

In an ever-evolving world, innovation in the healthcare sector is crucial to enhancing people’s quality of life and optimizing medical services. At The Kilite, we are proud to announce our recent partnership with Barcelona Health Hub, a crucial step in our shared commitment to fostering innovation and progress in the field of digital health.

Currently, digitization is radically transforming the way healthcare is delivered, from diagnosis to patient monitoring. Amidst this dynamic landscape, collaboration and partnership become even more important. That’s why we are excited to join forces with Barcelona Health Hub, a leading platform that brings together key players in the digital health ecosystem.

By partnering with Barcelona Health Hub, we are not only strengthening our position in the sector but also opening new doors for innovation and growth. This alliance provides us with access to an invaluable network of contacts, networking opportunities, and shared insights that will enable us to develop even more effective, patient-centered solutions.

But beyond the commercial benefits, this partnership also inspires us to explore hot topics in the field of digital health. And what better way to delve into these issues than through the experiences and perspectives of industry leaders.

That’s why we are pleased to announce that we will soon be publishing an exclusive interview with Eduard Goñalons, Iberia sales director at Inibsa, a Spanish company that is a reference in the global dental market. He will talk to us about the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, as well as the crucial role of innovation in Inibsa’s marketing strategy.

At The Kilite, we continue to drive innovation and make a positive difference in the digital world, in this case focusing on the healthcare sector.