Horacio Broggi: ‘The Magic of Fashion Inspired Me at this Barcelona Fashion Summit’

A day of looking towards the future with optimism and excitement, exploring new ideas and experiences, seeking ways to reinvent ourselves and connect with the next generations, with the aim of building brands that endure in the public’s memory. A day to share with experts and friends from the industry the best practices to stay fashionable.

Valuable insights were offered by the experts who participated in the event, leaving us their keys to achieving success in a constantly evolving market. They highlighted the importance of omnichannelity, personalization in e-commerce, and the identification of specific niches as key strategies to conquer new markets.

Furthermore, emerging trends and their impact on the sector were analyzed, from the crucial role of artificial intelligence and customer experience to the relevance of data, retail, e-commerce, and global expansion.

The crucial task of preserving the brand’s value in a highly competitive environment was also addressed, through the implementation of strategies that go beyond mere product offerings, betting on the creation of differentiated value.The Barcelona Fashion Summit 2024 offered an invaluable space for the exchange of ideas, collaboration, and, above all, inspiration. It leaves us with an optimistic view of the future of fashion, where passion, talent, sustainability, and creativity stand as engines for growth and evolution in the sector.